Dinner Menu


Milk Bun, Cottage Cheese, Celery Oil

Pork Scratching’s Beer Foam

Smoked Quail Leg, Lacquer, Ranch Dressing
Quail Pancake, Plum Hoisin

Lamb Rib and White Anchovy Ssam, Smoked Caesar, Jus Jelly


Japanese Gazpacho, Crème Fraiche Sorbet, Salmon and Miso Floss, Tempura Shiso

Open Scallop Nem, Carrot and Yuzu Dashi, Beurre Noisette

Paella Style Risotto, Crayfish, Sizzling Lemon and Calamari Oil


Roast Duck, Roasted Ginger and Orange Tofu, Noodles, Master Stock Dressing


Wagyu Beef Randang ‘Shabu Shabu” Mushroom Dumpling

Springbok, Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Parfait, Fig Jus

Upside-down Lemon Tart, Purple Shiso Sorbet
Chocolate, Mascarpone, Smoked White Chocolate Ice Cream


Menu R1900-00
Optional Beverage Pairings Available


Menu/Allergen Disclaimer:
Items on this menu may, despite the best efforts and care of our staff, contain traces of allergens including, but not limited to: nuts, shellfish, soy products, eggs, dairy and wheat. Naturally, the list of allergens can be adapted to suit each individual menu and care should therefore be taken in respect to the use of different products containing allergens other than those mentioned.
Please note that a discretionary 12% service charge will be added to all tables.
Items and prices are subject to change without notice.